Knowing what to say is not the same as knowing how to say it.


Whenever you want to make your point with a client, stakeholder,prospective customer, the public,or potential voter,you need to grab their attention,hold it, and leave them with a clear understanding of what you’re saying.


Make Your Point Communications has the knowledge, ability and proven experience to successfully help you reach your audience. In speeches, correspondence, presentations, web- or hard-copy communications, FAQs, crisis communications, media interviews or preparations for business or social gatherings, we bring influence to your message.

We know how to speak to your audience so that they hear you, and in language they understand and remember. Using what you want to say, Make Your Point Communications helps you say it in a way that gets your point across and builds that important connection quickly and effectively.

If your business is education, municipal government, law and policing, political campaigning, health care, consumer banking or corporate HR policies, Make Your Point Communications brings specialized knowledge, experience and success to your message.

If your business presentation or brochure is falling flat, if your campaign speech is not exciting the audience, if your web site is getting hits but little response, if your business’ or personal reputation is suffering, or if you just can’t manage to figure out what you should do first, Make Your Point Communications can deliver the solutions you need. On time and on budget.