About John Schmied

John Schmied started Make Your Point Communications after a successful career writing, editing and communicating effectively to different audiences, for different industry sectors, and for different objectives.

As a multiple award-winning journalist, John observed and learned from successful – and not-so-successful – communications strategies and campaigns from public officials to executives, companies and people who simply wanted to get their point across to others. He advised public organizations for advice on media relations and event staging to improve the odds for media exposure.

When he left the daily newspaper business, John was immediately offered a job as a communicator for a major Toronto hospital. Combining his writing ability with his knowledge of the media, John successfully worked to raise the hospital’s profile in the media (and, by extension, the public), managed crises, and wrote speeches for the hospital’s leadership.

He then worked as a communications officer and senior writer for Canada’s largest publicly funded school board, developing a closer relationship with the media, parents and staff. He wrote speeches for the organization’s leaders, provided media training and coaching of senior staff in preparation for interviews, and crafted correspondence to parents, the public, the press, and the provincial government. His abilities led to his recommendation for a secondment to a new provincial agency as senior writer, where he developed a successful webcast series that still reaches every publicly funded elementary teacher in Ontario.

John next entered the private sector as a director of internal communications for one of Canada’s largest banks. His writing and editing abilities were again called upon to tighten and focus speeches, reports, brochures and internal communiqués to approximately 40,000 staff.

He has worked on numerous political campaigns as writer and strategist, helping to elect candidates to municipal, provincial and federal offices. He has written for and edited newsletters, annual reports, web sites, and even stand-up comedy routines.

John’s abilities and experience cover a wide and detailed range of communication vehicles and materials, all successfully designed to make a point.