Toronto Writing Services, Copy writing/Editing


Make Your Point Communications offers you and your company a range of services that can improve the effectiveness of your communication to your targeted audience. With Make Your Point you get the expertise of a highly skilled and experienced communications professional whose work has won numerous awards and achieved results for others.

Whether it’s a “Quick, we need this done now!” job because your office is swamped, you have a long-term writing project but are short-staffed, or you simply don’t have the experience for crafting a speech, report or presentation, Make Your Point Communications can give you the support you need.

    Editing – Your annual report, brochure, manager’s guide, speech or presentation just doesn’t quite have the tone, focus or rhythm you need, or it falls flat when you and others read it. Make Your Point Communications can tighten it up and leave the audience with a clear understanding and memory of the point you want to get across.

    Writing – You need a speech, a report, a brochure or article for your company web site or newsletter. Make Your Point Communications can do it well, accurately and quickly, with words and phrases that summarize your point clearly and that people remember.

    Research – You are putting together a briefing paper or proposal for a venture you’re considering, but important facts are missing: what is being done around the world? What does the political landscape look like? Make Your Point Communications’ research skills and political experience can help make your considerations more complete and accurate.

    Media relations – You’re just not getting the attention you want for your product, position or service. Mention in the media – on the web, on paper, radio or TV – would go a long way. Make Your Point Communications has experience on both sides of the media equation: pitching ideas and being pitched to. This experience and knowledge can increase your chances of grabbing the media's - and your audience’s - attention.

    Crisis communications – You’ve just gotten a call from the media seeking comment on an issue or situation you or your business are connected to. What you say or don’t say first can neutralize a reputation-damaging issue, or, depending on the situation, turn it into a positive. Make Your Point Communications’ experience in crisis communications for public-sector bodies – combined with a career in the media – can help you protect your good name.

    Communications plans – You and your staff are taking on a campaign to raise your profile and have some ideas on how to go about it. But you’re a little hesitant about moving forward because this is brand new territory for you. Make Your Point Communications can help you through the process of developing a communications plan and show you the art of writing a news release that gets noticed.

Make Your Point Communications will also show you the basics of creating a communications plan, writing a news release that gets read by assignment editors, and how to effectively handle a media interview.